The Brand

  • AuWen Jewelry is thought and created by Parisian based designers duo Audrey Raingold and Wendy Castro.
    Their collection is handcrafted in Rome by a team of experts in the field who understands their creativity to bring each piece alive.

    « Forget the maps, follow your instincts » is their mantra.
    Playing with punk codes, mixed with glamour and couture techniques, Audrey and Wendy like to work with materials such as sustainable leather, metals and Swarovski crystals in an unexpected way.

    Who’s Auwen?
    Auwen is Them, You, They…
    The one who appropriates and incarnates the pieces in their own way.
    An original, a free spirit, sometimes disruptive, this free electron, who will charm with their spontaneity.

    How Auwen was Born?
    The collection was born from the desire to experiment and create new things with no boundaries, no rules, off the beaten track.

    Where can you find AuWen?
    She can be found dancing around big tables, surrounded by friends, new personalities, enjoying the moment, celebrating life!
    Life is her playground.
    Life is her dancefloor.
    AuWen can be anywhere!
    So…are you ready to dare?